Halloween Tips From A Kid with Diabetes

Cool weather. Falling leaves. Early dusk. Candy. It doesn’t get much better than Halloween. But holidays can be hard for little ones who need to watch their sugar intake but also want to have a little fun!

Luckily, and it’s okay to trick-or-treat when you have diabetes! The key is not to eat too much candy at once and to keep track of what you eat. Take it from Type 1 teen Nikki who’s had many years of candy collecting under her belt.

Of course, Nikki knows Halloween isn’t an excuse for her to indulge on sweets. There’s definitely a safe way and an unsafe way to do trick-or-treating as a kid with diabetes. But Nikki has a tip that may help kids manage their condition while still partaking in the fun of Halloween! Don’t let your diabetes get you down!

Watch as she gives us some great tips on controlling her diabetes while still getting that sugary satisfaction from this ghouling holiday. Happy Halloween!

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