Traditional Holiday Favorites Made Diabetes-Friendly!

The holiday season has become nearly synonymous with indulgence. When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of the giant feast we spend the day preparing and eating. And that’s just the beginning. What follows is more than a month of constantly available treats, holiday parties where tasty cocktails and delicious appetizers are passed, family gatherings where your favorite dishes from childhood are served, and possibly even celebrations with friends where you give thanks for one another by, what else? Eating!

And we love it! We love having people in our lives with whom we get to celebrate a beautiful season. But that doesn’t mean that managing your diabetes throughout all of that isn’t sometimes a struggle.

But help is here! In the below, the staff at Diabetes Center at Nebraska Medical Center demonstrates how we can turn our traditional holiday favorites into diabetes-friendly treats that won’t send your numbers skyrocketing. The best part: it only takes a few small changes, so it’s super easy! Take a look!

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