10 High-Protein Snacks For When You Need To Grab And Go!

High-carbohydrate snacks are great for when you’re facing a sudden low (hello, cupcakes!) or need some quick energy, but people with diabetes should also have some go-to protein snacks on hand.

Protein helps reduce your appetite by keeping you feeling full for longer, boosts your metabolism, and helps increase muscle mass. And when you’re trying to control blood sugar without starving yourself, protein is a great option as it has a minimal effect on blood sugar, and may even help stabilize glucose levels.

But you can hardly grill up a steak every time you’re feeling a bit peckish. Here are 10 high-protein snacks that are seriously easy to prep and transport.

1. Jerky

Portable, tasty, and highly snackable, jerky is a classic high-protein snack. It’s especially appropriate for hikes, bike rides, and outdoor adventures. You can stuff it in a backpack and expect it to be ready when you are. The only drawback is that many brands are filled with sodium and preservatives, so it may take time to find a brand that delivers on taste without boatloads of salt. Try some of these brands for the flavor without the fluff.

2. Nuts

Almonds and walnuts are among the healthiest nuts out there, and all nuts are portable, protein-packed, and satisfyingly crunchy. Trail mix is great too, but adding in fruit and chocolate will add a lot of carbs, so be sure to account for it. Just 10 plain almonds has about 3 grams of protein. A half a cup of pistacios has about 6 grams of protein, and a half cup of walnuts has about the same amount plus loads of healthy fats. Time to go nuts!

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Katie Taylor started writing in 5th grade and hasn't stopped since. Her favorite place to pen a phrase is in front of her fireplace with a cup of tea, but she's been known to write in parking lots on the backs of old receipts if necessary. She and her husband live cozily in the Pacific Northwest enjoying rainy days and Netflix.
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