How Can YOU Tell If Your Blood Glucose Is Changing?

4. “If I’m high, I feel achy and moody.”

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“…Almost like I have the flu and constantly have to pee. When I’m low, it’s like being drunk, but with a feeling of panic. Racing heart/fear/insatiable appetite.” —Reddit user takes22tango

5. This is the most delicious carrot I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

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“I usually get really weak, shaky, and hungry, and for whatever reason food tastes sooooo good when I’m low.” —Reddit user bcl0328

6. “For high blood sugar, I describe it as imagine the thirstiest you’ve ever been…”

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“…but no matter how much you drink, that quench doesn’t go away. And then of course you’re peeing every 10-15 minutes, which is never fun. I really don’t get many other symptoms, but it’s rare for my blood sugar to go really high anyway (over 300).”

7. Sometimes the symptoms are more than a little confusing.

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“For me, low blood sugar I have described to others as being hungry with my arms. It’s the exact same feeling I get in my stomach when hungry, except located in my arms, and it’s rather odd. As it progresses worse, I get weak, nauseated and feel like I’m steaming. I go into search and consume mode, where I can occasionally find myself sticking non-edible things in my mouth without noticing.
As for high blood sugar, it feels like being drunk without the alcohol. It makes me hurt, mostly in my torso and I get a severe headache. I also start to get very very sleepy. It’s made me nod off while driving, which terrifies me, and even the terror-induced adrenaline can’t fight it off. Note: I do pull over when this happens.” —Reddit user Ariensus

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