How Can YOU Tell If Your Blood Glucose Is Changing?

8. And it can be really scary…

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“Extra low is almost like not having air, you’re smothered, panicked, squirming, I imagine it’s a lot like dying.” —Reddit user Aarmed

9. “As for lows, I get really dizzy, shaky and rapid heart beat.”

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“I also get this tingly feeling in my forearms. I sometimes sweat too. Sometimes I can act really goofy like I’m drunk, other times the energy is completely sucked out of me and I can’t focus and I just completely space out. There were a few times where I had a hard time breathing too.” —Reddit user PANDADA

10. “It felt like walking in a pool, where every movement has tons of resistance.”

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“When my blood sugar is high, I feel really lethargic, with dry mouth. When it’s really super ridiculously high – this happened once when my insulin denatured and I hadn’t realized it, and I was running around 400 – it felt like walking in a pool, where every movement has tons of resistance.
As for lows – I feel dizzy, weak, my hands shake, and my lips go numb.” —Reddit user JoanCrawford

11. It can be really hard to function.

Young woman in pain

“Let’s put it this way – if I’m high I can drink 5 Liters of water (or more), go to the bathroom every 5 minutes, and still be thirsty. I also can’t function properly. I feel exhausted, nauseous, tired, can’t keep my eyes open, and like I want to throw up.” —Reddit user Cerberus136

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