Husband Spends Two Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife

Whether it’s Valentine’s day, an anniversary, or a birthday, many people use flowers as a way to express their feelings to a loved one. But one husband took this romantic gesture to the next level!

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki got married in 1956. They lived a very fulfilled life, raising two children and running a successful dairy farm in Shintomi, Japan, The Telegraph reports.

Photo: Youtube

After 30 years of marriage, the couple planned on retiring and traveling around Japan, but those plans were soon dashed.

At just 52-years-old, Mrs. Kuroki lost her vision due to complications from diabetes. As a result, she became depressed and would spend most days just sitting inside.

Photo: Youtube

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Mr. Kuroki noticed that people would stop and admire his small garden of pink shibazakura flowers (also known as moss phlox). So he hatched a plan – Even though he couldn’t take his wife to see the world, he could bring the world to her.

Photo: Youtube

What started as a small project turned into a massive devotion of love. Over the course of two years, he planted thousands of flowers to cheer up his wife. Not only did the smell of her favorite flower bring a smile to her face, but thousands of visitors came to visit the garden.

Photo: Youtube

To this day, their dairy farm is still a major tourist attraction with almost 7,000 people visiting a day when the flowers are in bloom in March and April.

The cowshed, which once held 60 cows, has been transformed into a display showcasing their love story.

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