Inserting Your Insulin Pump Is A Snap

Managing your diabetes can be a real pain. Sometimes literally. It requires constant attention, and you have to consider it all day, every day. Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game– like no matter what you do, no matter how accurate you are, your numbers simply don’t align with your treatment.

Plus, it sort of requires that you require around a lot of bulky equipment. And who wants to do that?

No one.

Luckily, there are options. And for many people, that means getting an insulin pump. In addition to increasing the level of flexibility you have in your lifestyle, it offers more accurate blood glucose control, and reduces fluctuations.

So, you’ve just switched from syringes to an insulin pump, but what now? It’s complicated and even intimidating.

Well, never fear! The Diabetes Site is here with this video from aimedtech. We’re sure it’ll help you get started with a step-by-step demonstration that makes it seem so easy.

Take a look, and as always, make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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