I Can’t Believe The Tattoo They Got For Their Son With Diabetes! It’s So Inspiring!

Face it: tattoos are cool! And now more people than ever are getting inked. But there are some people out there who aren’t getting inked for the traditional reasons. They’re getting inked to make their children happy. These parents are hiring artists to put permanent marks on their bodies so their child doesn’t feel so alone.

These tattoos will seriously inspire you! 



Birthmarks are very personal but they can make a child feel alone, like they’re different from everyone instead of special for their uniqueness…

Birthmark Tattoo / Via Facebook/Today

Honey-Rae was born with a red birthmark on her leg. According to Mashable, after her parents, Tanya and Adam Phillips, noticed an older couple staring at Honey-Rae’s birthmark and whispering to each other, they decided to get tattoos so Honey-Rae would would never feel alone again. What a thoughtful gift to give your child: the gift of strength and confidence.

Insulin Pumps

When you have diabetes, tattoos can help save your life by showing paramedics which type you have, whether you are insulin dependent, and if you’re allergic to any medications in case you go in to shock. Tattoos like this are similar to medical ID bracelets except you can’t misplace a tattoo, the information is secured to your skin. But these parents took it one step further…

Insulin Pump Tattoos / Via Stéphane Gilbert / The Gazette

Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin of Quebec got insulin pumps tattooed on their stomach so their son Jacob didn’t feel so different from everyone else. Now he can feel like he belongs. His parents turned Jacob’s type 1 diabetes into art as well as a connection with their son that will last a lifetime. They truly are “forever linked.”

Cochlear Implant

With all sorts of life altering medical technology out there, the world is becoming more and more accepting of people’s differences every day. But the cruelty of children knows know mercy. This father saw that his little girl was self-conscious about her cochlear implant and, in an act of paternal solidarity, he got a tattoo on the side of his head to match his daughter’s hearing aid.


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