Let’s Work Together! A Message from Your Child’s Insulin Pump

Sticking yourself with a needle to administer insulin sucks, especially for kids or people who are new to diabetes. Luckily, there are insulin pumps that reduce the need for poking yourself so often.

Some parents worry that having an insulin pump will be too hard for their child to handle, that the technology might cause them more stress than it’s worth. Others worry that their child will get too careless. If administering extra insulin to make up for a sweet treat is too easy, a kid may be more likely to eat unhealthy things on a more regular basis because the consequences don’t feel nearly as severe as they are.

In the video below, you and your child can get a kid-friendly introduction to insulin pumps, what they do, and how they can help, plus what your child’s responsibilities will be.

Need more insulin-pump-related inspiration? Check out this video of 8-year-old Ellen showing the world how easy it is to change an OmniPod® insulin pump!

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