QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Diabetes and This Substance

Diabetes is hard. It’s scary. It’s painful. It’s costly. And, it’s confusing. Okay, so maybe you’ve taken phenomenal care of yourself and have been successfully managing your diabetes for some time now. You should totally be proud of that, but do keep in mind what it’s like first learning the ropes — confusion is abound when you discover all of the ways your life will be changing with diabetes, as well as all of the ways that diabetes could change your life in the future. Confusion is also abound when considering the different ways in which you can manage your diabetes.

One such point of confusion in managing your diabetes continues to be: can cannabis help my diabetes?

To help mitigate that confusion, we’ve put together a fun, educational quiz for you below about the relationship between diabetes and cannabis. Beginning the quiz is simple: just click “Start” below. Then, answer all seven of the multiple choice questions. Once you’re finished, you’ll be taken to a results page to see how well you did, from which you can share the quiz with all of your friends!

Good luck, enjoy, and please keep in mind while quizzing that the effects of cannabis on diabetes are still being uncovered through extensive research.

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