QUIZ: How Much Does Diabetes REALLY Cost?

If you have diabetes, or if you have a loved one that has diabetes, you know first hand that it’s a mighty costly condition. Test strips, test monitors, insulin, doctors visits, lancet devices, lancets, therapeutic shoes — it all adds up.

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there were 415 million people worldwide with diabetes in 2015. It’s projected by the IDF that 642 million people will have diabetes by 2040. Apply to that number the amount of money it costs to manage diabetes, and you have in front of you quite the industry.

But what do those numbers really look like? How much does diabetes REALLY cost? Test (and expand!) your knowledge by taking the quiz below. Be sure to stick around to the end so that you can do your part in reducing the cost of diabetes.

Good luck, enjoy, and please share with all of your friends!

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