QUIZ: Match the Diabetes Acronyms to Their Full Names

You’re a strong intelligent individual, and you know what a lot of words mean. But do you know what DKA means? How about CGM? HbA1c? Do you know what the individual letters stand for? Well, do you?

If you have diabetes or are close to someone who does, these are probably terms you’ve heard thrown around by health care professionals, parents, friends, or other people you know on a pretty regular basis. Perhaps you’ve heard them in the news, on the internet, or spoken in your own home. But figuring out the long version of these shortened words is harder than it appears! Even if you have an idea of what they mean, the exact words may still escape you.

Thank goodness for multiple choice questions, right?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, click the start button below to begin your journey towards either stardom or defeat in the world of acronym knowledge.

Don’t forget to share your results on Facebook so that your friends can take on the challenge too! Good luck!


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