Quiz: Are These Statements About Diabetes Fact or Fiction?

Having diabetes means being required to manage a condition every moment of every day. Whether you’re calculating the carb count of your breakfast, factoring exercise into your insulin dose, or even waking up in the middle of the night to treat a poorly timed low, diabetes management is likely somewhere near the front of your mind.

And if you ever forget it, you have your primary care physician, who you likely see more often than most, to remind you that it’s something you always need to be thinking about. That you have appointments to keep, and exams to schedule, not just with them, but with your endocrinologist. Your optometrist. Even your dentist. You also have your friends and family who are (hopefully) there to support you, and maybe even occasionally cross the line between helpful and intrusive.

Sometimes, despite how inappropriate it is, you even have strangers there to share their often ridiculous “wisdom” with you. In the quiz below, we want to take a look at some of the so-called advice many of us have heard; the tidbits of information people who know little to nothing about diabetes have shared in the hopes of educating us about a condition we spend every day managing.

So, let us know: can you figure out which of the statements below are fact or fiction?


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