QUIZ: Decide Which of These Historical Diabetes Events Really Happened

How much do you think you know about diabetes, particularly the history of diabetes? Most people—even those who have diabetes and are well-educated on the various intricacies of the disease’s causes, symptoms, treatments, and more—don’t know a whole lot about the history behind this condition.

So this quiz probably won’t be easy. But we believe in you! (No cheating.)

Even if you don’t get all the questions right, you’ll still learn a thing or two about the interesting historical events related to this mysterious disease that continues to baffle researchers as they look for more effective treatments and a cure.

You can get started on this simple quiz by clicking the button below. Then choose the best answer for each question, or make an educated guess if you don’t know. At the end, your result page will let you know how much you know about diabetes history and how much you have yet to learn.

Good luck!


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