Quiz: How Well Do You Understand Your Health?

We all know exercise is important. Not only does it help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, manage weight, and tone your body, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself emotionally and mentally. Regular exercise can help you sleep better, decrease stress, improve intimacy with your partner, and can even make you happier. Seriously. Exercise is a natural mood booster.

But despite all of the good things exercise can do for us, many of us still struggle to find time for it. And beyond that, it can be incredibly intimidating. It often seems like everyone knows what they’re doing but you. So, where do you start?

Well, by finding out what you know and what you don’t!

We’re here to help. We challenge you to take the quiz below to see just how much you know about health and fitness. Hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two along the way, but we almost guarantee you’ll surprise yourself with how much you really know.

Enjoy! Make sure to share your results in the comments below!


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