Which Historical Diabetes Researcher Are You?

So many people have shaped the way we diagnose, treat, and research diabetes today. Without them, the way we think about and work with diabetes would be much different, and probably much worse. Let’s be thankful for these wonderful people who have made our world a better place!

Because these people have had such a grand impact on our current society, we felt the need to show them a little respect and have some celebratory fun at the same time by sharing some of their accomplishments with you!

In honor of those who have come before us and paved the way, we have chosen five of our favorite diabetes research pioneers and made a little personality quiz about their lives and work. Which one of them does your personality most closely sync up with? Only time and these six questions will tell!

No matter who you get, we hope they inspire you to keep working to improve the lives of others in whatever way best suits your personality!

Be sure to share which researcher you’re most like in the comments!


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