QUIZ: Discover Which Type of Insulin You Are

Chances are that if you have diabetes and are dependent on insulin, you probably have a sort of special love-hate relationship with your insulin. You’re grateful to it for keeping you alive and well, but you also really hate having to deal with it all the time. But whatever the ratio of love to hate, there’s no doubt that insulin holds a special place in your life.

It’s that special bond that made us start to think that insulin could actually be compared to human beings. Could insulin have a personality? What would the different types of insulin be like if they were people?

Have you ever stopped to think about whether the type of insulin you take is similar to your personality? We’re guessing not, but you might be surprised. Or perhaps opposites attract, as they say, and your insulin type is as different from your personality as it could possibly be. There’s only one way to find out; take our quiz!

Tell us a little bit about your personality with the simple questions in the quiz below, and we’ll tell you which type of insulin is the most like you. Then you can tell us in the comments whether the insulin that matches your personality is the same type you take on a regular basis.

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