Can You Match the Diabetes Vocab Words to Their Definitions?

Are you practically a doctor or still just dipping your toes in the water? Whatever level you’re at with your knowledge about diabetes, we’re happy you’re here.

There’s a reason physicians and scientists go to school for so many years. When it comes to diabetes and other diseases of the human body, there’s a lot to know! The terms alone will send your head spinning.

What’s euglycemia, for example? Or the Somogyi effect?

If you know the answers, this is the quiz for you! If not, try it anyway! You may surprise yourself with how much you can guess correctly.

Take this 15-question multiple choice quiz to see how much you really know about diabetes and the many terms that go with it. Use it to test your knowledge or even as a learning tool (just please don’t make it your only learning tool–we’re not doctors here)!

Good luck!


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