QUIZ: Would You Rather…? Diabetes Edition!

Nobody likes diabetes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it…

While we know diabetes is a very serious condition, serious issues become less stressful when we complain about them, joke about them, and sometimes even laugh about them. If diabetes (or whatever else is happening in your life) is stressing you out and you need to spend some time laughing it off, you’ll be happy to know that everybody’s favorite would-you-rather game has found its way onto The Diabetes Site!

Would you rather eat a scorpion every time your blood glucose gets out of your target range…


…have emergency personnel show up to give you a blood transfusion every time you prick your finger?

We want to know your answer to this and more silly questions!

Take the quiz below and share with friends so you can compare your answers and your results!

(The more people get involved, the more laughs you’ll share!)


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