New Concerns Come To Light About A Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Type 2 diabetes medication, Invokana, recently received an upgraded warning label from the FDA.

Issuing an increased precautionary warning and revision of the possible side effects portion of the drug’s label, the administration now warns users against the possibility of bone density loss and an increased risk of bone fractures, particularly in the hips and lower spine.

Invokana is a type 2 diabetes medication used to lower blood sugar levels by filtering sugars through kidneys, and then allowing excess sugars to be flushed out of the body during urination. Johnson and Johnson were deemed the first to develop the unique pharmaceutical, and it was believed to be the “drug of the future.” The drug seemed like a breakthrough for type 2 patients, and was projected to be a cash cow for the company in the years to come.


However, studies from 2014 revealed that in the year the drug had been on the market, people were reporting side effects that were, at times, scarier than the disease itself. Side effects ranged from dehydration to kidney failure and heart problems. The drug’s most concerning moment occurred when the FDA warned doctors to monitor prescribed for diabetic ketoacidosis — a condition that very rarely presents in type 2 patients.

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People demanding answers and increased warnings of the drug’s dangers have filed a host of class action lawsuits. People want to know why Invokana was approved without long-term studies, and whether or not those studies could have prevented their pain and suffering.

The FDA is still investigating risks and gathering information from doctors regarding reported side effects. For now, Invokana remains on the market.

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