3 Guacamole Recipes That Are Tastier Than Jack White’s!

With the recent leak of Jack White’s tour rider for a performance at Oklahoma University, fussy musicians have made their way before the media’s critical eye once again. A tour rider is simply a list of requests sent to a venue before the musical act performs. These requests range from sound equipment to maintain consistency throughout a tour to Van Halen’s insistence that there be no brown M&M’s backstage. The weirder requests are usually only there to make sure that a venue reads a contract all the way through.

Which brings us back to Jack White, who accidentally incensed the Internet when a guacamole recipe was found as a part of his tour rider. Apparently this was harmless entertainment for the musician and his crew to see which cities could make the best guacamole. Well, Jack White, here are three recipes for guacamole that blow yours out of the water!

Check out this recipe for Sweet Mango Guacamole.


Or, for a delicious healthy recipe, try this Light Guacamole.


Then finish it off with some Avocado Salsa!


Do you have your own favorite recipe for guacamole?

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