Easing Up Your Frozen Shoulder — These Three Exercises Can Be Done Anywhere!

Rehabilitation guru Jaco van Delden knows a thing or two about getting the body back to normal. And he knows a thing or two about frozen shoulder.

Jaco describes patients who come into his clinic with what he calls a “chicken wing.” These individuals struggle to lift their arms above their shoulders due to the stiffness and soreness in their shoulder joint.

Sound familiar?

In this video, van Delden shows us three exercises we can do to ease the tension that frozen shoulder can cause. The best part? They can be done anywhere, and only require you to stretch. His hopes? Increasing the flexibility of the area to ease pain and tension.

Check out the video below to see Jaco’s 3 simple and quick exercises! And don’t forget: the exercises you’ll see in the video aren’t the only way to combat frozen shoulder. You can find plenty more ways here.

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