4-Year-Old Jaelyn Raised Awareness on World Diabetes Day in the Coolest Way!

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In case you haven’t heard: November is Diabetes Awareness Month. That’s right. A whole month aimed at raising awareness for diabetes. For acknowledging both the people suffering from diabetes and the people who support them, take care of them, and love them along the way. But each November, there’s one day that stands out amongst the rest: November 14th. Why? Because it’s World Diabetes Day!

What makes this day so special is that it’s a time when people all over the world unite in the name of diabetes awareness and advocacy. This year, 4 year-old Jaelyn went above and beyond to spread awareness with a project she worked on for a month! Starting in October, Jaelyn and her mother put a needle into a pumpkin to signify each and every shot Jaelyn received for 31 days. Spoiler alert: It’s A LOT of needles. There are 31 needles for her “night time shots” (long acting insulin she gets before bed) alone! Jaelyn’s mother, Morgan, calls her her hero, and we can see why!

Check out the touching video below in which Jaelyn describes her project.

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