John Oliver Tackles the Issue of Mis-Reporting Data in a Hilarious Way!

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.

Comedian John Oliver is best known for being the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight. The news satire program often pokes fun at politicians, criticizes large corporations, and highlights current events in 30 minutes of quick-witted monologue.

In a recent episode, the hilarious host turned his attention to the dangers of irresponsible reporting of scientific studies. From headlines about how a glass of red wine boasts the same benefits as spending an hour at the gym to headlines stating that smelling farts can prevent cancer, the media has published all sorts of wacky stories over the years, passing them off as science. And though they are based on scientific studies, the media’s reports of them can be misleading or contain false information. That’s why it’s really important to look a little deeper at new studies that have been published. Because believe it or not, failing to do so can be pretty harmful to us, as John Oliver explains.

Check it out!

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