9-Year-Old Saves Diabetic Grandpa’s Life

Alan Crisman and his grandson, nine-year-old Kazin Crisman, were heading out on a recent Saturday to enjoy a pepperoni pizza. But before they arrived at the pizza place, Kazin noticed something was off with his grandfather.

Kazin said that his grandfather was acting really strange and stepping all over the pedals in the car. Kazin asked if he should call 911 four times, but his grandfather never responded. “I knew something was up,” Kazin said. So he called 911 and was able to tell first responders that Alan has type 1 diabetes and was likely having a low blood sugar episode.

Photo: ABC News

According to Somerset Police, Kazin was able to give them a description of his grandfather’s symptoms and “other valuable information that assisted first responders in providing necessary medical treatment.” Because of Kazin’s quick thinking, emergency personnel arrived prepared with glucose and IVs.

Alan Crisman says that without Kazin’s quick thinking, his family would be burying him. “He’s my little hero,” he said.

Somerset police were so proud of Kazin’s ability to remain calm and help his grandfather, they brought him a pepperoni pizza and praised his actions on Facebook.

But Kazin is happiest that he still gets to hang out with his grandfather. He encourages other to trust their instincts as he pats his grandfather on the back, “I saved his life—or else he would have croaked,” he said.

Watch Kazin’s story below!

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