Kid Chefs Are Fighting to End Childhood Obesity and Diabetes!

Who could possibly convince kids to eat their vegetables? As it turns out, other kids might be the answer!

Quality for Kids has been working with kids for four years to find out what healthy things they like to eat. They talked to kids about obesity and type 2 diabetes and what they could do to prevent it. Their research quickly showed that kids had a great amount of influence on other kids. Now they’re doing something amazing to harness that power.

The eventual goal of the program is to start a cooking show for kids, but for now, kids can participate in Veggie Wars, a cooking challenge where different teams make healthy vegetable dishes for their fellow students’ school lunches. You won’t believe how much vegetable consumption changed after the program started!

Clash of the Cooking Crews is Quality for Kids’s latest and grandest event. Learn more about these skilled chefs and their work to help other kids stay healthy in the video below.

Then check out another amazing program raising awareness and funds for diabetes research through dance here.

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