Dog Helps Owner With Diabetes Track Her Blood Sugar Levels

Dogs are incredible creatures. Not only do they provide wonderful company, but they can be used for many different jobs that help humans.

Dogs have also been quite attentive as different types of aid dogs to people. They’ve been quite useful as guide dogs, emotional support dogs, and many other forms of medical dogs. But for one woman named Sam, her sweet and supportive diabetes alert pooch, Korey, is actually able to help her manage her diabetes.

Sam lives with Type 1 Diabetes. As a result, she always has to be aware of and manage her blood sugar levels. But she is not alone in this. Sam’s dog, Korey, a very caring and smart yellow lab, is there to alert her whenever her blood sugar gets too low.

Photo: YouTube/Dean Page

Sam shared that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what she is busy doing, Korey is quite good at her job, being able to alert Sam to low levels whenever needed, in order to make sure that her owner stays healthy.

In order for Korey to alert Sam, the dog uses many different methods to get her owner’s attention. Some of these include face licks, nudges, and overall insistence that Sam pay attention to her. As a result, Sam is able to stay on top of her blood sugar levels and is so grateful to Korey for helping her stay on top of it.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals
Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

The two share a wonderful bond, with Sam explaining in the video below, “If my blood sugar is low during the day, he will come and nudge me or boop me with his nose …for high blood sugars during the day, Korey will spin in a circle…. He’s very happy to just lay around and spend time with you. Even when he’s with other people he always makes sure that I’m close by. He’s my best friend he’s my child. ….we’re so connected. If I’m upset he comes over to me and tries to comfort me….if for some reason we’re not together it feels very very wrong.”

You can follow Korey on Instagram, @korey_the_kanine.

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