Woman With Diabetes Walks 470 Miles Across 3 States To Raise Awareness & Inspire Others

A 33-year-old artist who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes set out to walk 470 miles across three states to inspire others who are also battling diabetes.

Krista Sheneman’s goal is to show others like her that diabetes can’t stop them from being active or achieving their goals.

Photo: YouTube/ABC24 Memphis

Sheneman has made health a priority ever since she was diagnosed with diabetes in 2018 when she was just 27 years old.

When she first received her diagnosis, she went to the parking lot and cried. She didn’t know much about the condition, and feared that it would affect her ability to continue doing things she loved, such as walking and backpacking.

Photo: YouTube/ABC24 Memphis

Despite her diagnosis, she refused to give up. She began seeing a nutritionist and endocrinologist and decided to focus on her health.

She came up with the idea for her big walk and began training for it. She walked on a treadmill for eight hours a day while managing her diabetes with her glucose monitor.

During her three-state walk, she also wanted to help others to get a better understanding of what diabetics go through. So, during her walk, people are able to watch her glucose levels through an app that’s connected to her glucose monitor.

Photo: YouTube/ABC24 Memphis

Not only will people be able to see how physically difficult the walk is, but they’ll learn how often Sheneman and others with diabetes have to constantly check their sugars and make sure they’re eating the right things.

After 23 days, Sheneman has successfully made it to her home state of Tennessee.

Learn more about Sheneman’s inspiring story in the video below:

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