How Do You Know If You Have Diabetes? 14-Year-Old Laina Breaks It Down.

It’s vital that people are familiar with the symptoms of diabetes, especially type 1. If you know the signs, then you’ll know there’s a problem if you start experiencing them. But if you’re not familiar with the signs, then you might ignore the symptoms and figure everything will be okay. If you do have type 1 diabetes, or even type 2, (or gestational, or MODY, or type 1.5…) ignoring the symptoms could put you at serious risk.

Knowing the signs of diabetes could save someone’s life, including your own. Unfortunately they’re not always obvious, and sometimes people don’t realize there’s something seriously wrong until it’s too late. But awareness can prompt a life-saving checkup.

Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse
Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse

As Laina Elyse shares in the below video, it’s better to know. Laina encourages people experiencing symptoms to just get their ketones and blood sugar checked. Because if someone does have diabetes, getting that insulin will make them feel so much better. Just ignoring your symptoms won’t make diabetes disappear, unfortunately.

Laina encourages her viewers that even if a person with diabetes thinks they are fine, they are going to feel so much better once they get the insulin they need.

Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse
Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse

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The symptoms are broken down into early and advanced categories, and Laina explains the symptoms that really gave her trouble and which ones she didn’t personally experience. Extreme thirst and frequent urination were her biggest frustrations pre-diagnosis. Laina encourages everyone not to be afraid of going to the doctor—the finger prick is not that bad!

Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse
Photo: YouTube/Laina Elyse

So listen to Laina’s 14-year-old wisdom and share this video with someone who needs to know the symptoms. The more people know what to look out for, the safer we all are.

Stay informed, friends!

Watch Laina’s Diabetes Symptom Tutorial Below!

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