Diabetes Medication Is Having A Huge Impact On Lake Michigan.

Wastewater plants do a fantastic job of cleaning out things we don’t want ending up in our lakes and rivers. Yet they were not built with medications and nano-particles in mind. Many drugs have been showing up in Lake Michigan, according to a study conducted by the University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the environmental impacts are just starting to be discovered. Of the many pharmaceutical products appearing in the lake, the most prevalent is Metformin, a common medication for Type 2 diabetics.


The effects of the medications on the plant and animal life in the lake isn’t clear as of yet, but scientists are fairly certain it won’t be good. Many diabetics will probably be wondering why so much of their medication is ending up in the lake as opposed to being broken down and used by their bodies, a question that surely deserves some research.

Again, head on over to the story from the Detroit Free Press for more information, as well as a breakdown of the other medications showing up in the Great Lakes.

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