5-Year-Old Legacy Maxwell Shows Us How He Checks His Blood Sugar!

What were you learning to do at five years old? How to read, perhaps? How to jump rope? How to add? Probably not how to stick yourself in the finger and measure your blood sugar, right?

Diabetes can be difficult to manage even for adults who have been living with the disease for years. So a five-year-old who’s got it all under control is a sight to behold indeed!

In the video below, Legacy Maxwell, a five-year-old boy who was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 18 months old, demonstrates how to check your blood sugar. His father, LeVar Maxwell, filmed this proud parent moment and shared it with us on Facebook.

This little guy is such a pro that he doesn’t even flinch! And the smile doesn’t come off that adorable face the whole time! What a brave and confident kiddo! Thanks for setting a great example for the rest of us, Legacy!

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