This Inspiring Diabetes Story Is Told in the Most Beautiful Way

We’ve posted about Lex before here and here, and now the YouTube-er is back, raising awareness for National Diabetes Month. The 22-year-old makeup artist, aesthetician, and entrepreneur is a Type 1 diabetic who discovered her disease by chance when she went to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache. In her newest video, Lex discusses her struggles learning to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of accepting her disease, while battling its stigma as a young girl confronted with isolation and bullying.

Discovering an interest in body painting and cosmetology helped her manage her stress as a teenager. Now, here she is painting a beautiful work of art on her body that reflects her very personal and emotional journey. Check it out! And when you’re done watching, let us know in the comments below if you can relate to any of Lex’s feelings and experiences.

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