Despite the Pain He Experiences Every Day, Liam Ollive Will Not Quit

Radiation. Chemotherapy. Those are two words that are tough for anyone to face.

But Liam Ollive faced them without flinching, and he did so at the age of four, after being diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissues.

At the age of eight, Liam bravely faced another difficult word: amputation. The cancer had aggressively surged back and, left with very few options, doctors amputated Liam’s left leg, just above the knee.

Darryl Bautista/ Via Poughkeepsie Journal

But Liam hasn’t looked back. Nor has he felt sorry for himself. Because words like radiation, chemotherapy, and amputation are just that: words. And Liam has refused to let those words define him. Instead, with determination and a deep appreciation for life, Liam, now 17 years old, has not only grown into a more-than-capable young man, but into a leader.

As you’ll see in the following video, Liam Ollive — despite the daily pain his prosthetic provides, despite all of the obstacles — has earned the respect of his wrestling teammates and coaches at Beacon High School, and he has done so quietly, and by example. Because Liam fully understands that actions speak louder than words.

Amputation can have a severe price tag. The high costs aren’t only what one would find on a bill, however; amputation can bring with it not only physical pain, but mental and emotional pain.

But what if amputation was only one option? What if there was another way — a treatment that would not only take care of the problem, but that would allow patients to keep their limbs? Often, there is a way. The problem then is the financial cost, which sometimes cannot be covered by insurance.

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