What An Awesome Kid! See Logan’s Diabetes Routine!

There are a lot of things you might remember about life as an 11 year-old. Were you into sports? Video games? Music? What grade were you in? Who was your favorite teacher? What chore did you always try to get out of?

But for some kids, life is a little more complicated. For children with diabetes, life involves round-the-clock monitoring of their condition, frequent testing, careful meal planning, and possibly even insulin injections.

11 year old Logan is one of these awesome kids. He made this video, with the help of his parents, to help show kids (and adults) how he manages his diabetes at his young age. Smart, direct, and informative, Logan is inspiring and hilarious.

Take a look at Logan’s helpful tutorial, complete with some expert tips and tricks, as well as his insights into what it’s like to be high or low!

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