7 Fun, Low-Impact Exercises That Are Sure to Get the Blood Flowing!

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Looking to target your core (abs, back, hips)? Pilates may be your answer. Focusing on good posture, alignment, and breathing, Pilates is a conditioning workout that both strengthens and stretches your muscles. Aside from strengthening the heart, it also can result in greater body awareness, better stability, as well as the prevention of back pain.

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Okay, so here’s the main reason why doing anything in a pool will benefit you: the water provides resistance. That’s why, when you try to run in the pool, it seems as if you’re moving in slow motion. BUT, it’s that resistance that keeps activities in the pool low impact—you will not hurt yourself running in water, or swimming. Instead, the water pressure will help your blood circulate, lessening the workload of your heart. Other health benefits of swimming include: improved flexibility, improved cholesterol, lower stress, and a longer life.

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