7 Fun, Low-Impact Exercises That Are Sure to Get the Blood Flowing!

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High-impact exercises range anywhere from jogging to football, and always include some sort of running and jumping. Typically, these types of activities are reserved for those that either A) have been physically active year after year and/or B) have very little fear of injury, or can absorb the toll that running and jumping and whatever else can eventually put on your bones and joints.

Low-impact exercises aren’t necessarily the polar opposite of high-impact exercises, nor are they tailored to the absolute beginner. Instead, low-impact exercises are an alternative route to fitness and, more importantly, feeling good. By definition, low-impact exercises are A) less intense, B) less stressful on the body, and C) less likely to injure you.

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So, whether you’re someone that has been looking for a way to get back into exercise, or if you’re a high-impact extraordinaire looking for something different to try, this guide will give you plenty of options to do just that. Along the way, you’ll find videos talking at length about the benefits of a given exercise, as well as tips on how best to exercise. And, finally, at the very end, you may just find something a bit out of the box…


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I’ve lumped these three together for one reason: to show that walking can be done anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter where you live, or what season it currently is, the road is open, as is the mountain, or sidewalk, or field. And, while none of these three are necessarily the sexiest form of exercise, here’s why they’re important to your health:

  • walking reduces the risk of coronary heart disease
  • walking improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • walking maintains body weight and lowers the risk of obesity

To start, you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes, climate-specific clothing, and, more importantly, good posture.

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Thanks to the development of technology (and gym equipment!), cycling can easily be done either inside or outside. Whether it comes from a bicycle you’ve had for a decade, a stationary bike you just purchased, or the spinning class you just enrolled in, cycling provides a very low-impact way to 1) reduce stress, 2) improve heart health, 3) improve coordination and 4) build stamina.


G.D. resides in West Michigan. When he isn’t writing (or editing), you can find him outside, riding a bike, reading a book, or just plain running. Other interests include sports (of any kind), music (again, any kind) and cinema (a bit pickier here).
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