7 Ideas For Lowering Blood Sugar Quickly (Other Than Insulin)

The great irony of diabetes is that to manage it you have to control your blood sugar, but diabetes makes your blood sugar refuse to be controlled! It’s enough to make you want to chuck your glucose meter into oncoming traffic.

When you do get a high blood sugar reading, you will likely need to adjust with insulin or medication. But there may be times when your glucose is a bit high and you want to try something more natural to reduce blood sugar. Please, talk to your doctor so that you understand at what levels you should medicate, as high blood sugar can cause ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal condition.

There may be times when your numbers are high and you’d like to decrease them without going into the medicine cabinet. Here are 7 quick blood-sugar lowering strategies to try when your long-term strategies aren’t quite cutting it:

Photo: AdobeStock/JJAVA
Photo: AdobeStock/JJAVA

1. Decrease Stress

Stress can increase blood sugar, and while you may not be able to simplify your life and reach a zen state in 15 minutes, you can step away from a stressful situation, practice some deep breathing or mediation, and even do a few stretches. Pet a dog, look at pictures of your kids, or just pop outside. Have some short-term stress relievers in mind for when you need a quick moment of “Ahhhhh!”

If you’re stumped for relaxation ideas, try these 12 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress.

Photo: AdobeStock/Rido
Photo: AdobeStock/Rido

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2. Drink More Water

It’s especially important for people with diabetes to stay hydrated as dehydration can contribute to high blood sugar. Your kidneys try to flush out excess glucose by causing frequent urination (a sign of high blood sugar), but if lost water is not replaced, the blood becomes even more concentrated, and your kidneys have to work even harder. Eventually dehydration will set in. Help your kidneys out! Grab some water to help them flush out extra sugar from your blood—just be sure you don’t choose a drink with yet more glucose. Stick with water!

Photo: AdobeStock/Ivan Kruk
Photo: AdobeStock/Ivan Kruk

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