Airline Employee Steps In To Help Diabetic Girl With Severe Anxiety

Flying is undoubtedly the easiest and fastest way to travel. For many, flying doesn’t feel much different than hopping on a bus or a train to get to a far-away destination.

For some people, however, flying is the cause for severe anxiety. Personally, I’m not crazy about flying, but I absolutely love to travel. Taking off and landing always stresses me out, but I just bring a good book or pop in my headphones, and I can usually get through a flight without worrying too much.

My family and I have been traveling with Southwest Airlines for years now, and I can honestly say the staff makes my experiences much smoother.

Southwest Airlines is known for their quirky flight attendants and friendly pilots, so I wasn’t surprised to hear about a particularly touching story between a staff member and a very nervous passenger.

Scroll down to find out how one Southwest flight attendant went out of his way to make the skies a little friendlier, and let us know what you think of this story in the comments!

[H/T: DailyMail]

Photo: Facebook/Bryan Swart

This is Gabby Swart. She’s 9 years old and has Type 1 diabetes.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Air Force

She boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Newark with her mom and two little sisters.

Since there are only three seats to a row, Gabby was separated from her mom and sisters for the duration of the flight.

Photo: Facebook/Bryan Swart

Upon takeoff, it was clear that Gabby was extremely nervous. Her mom reached from across the aisle to hold her hand, but she couldn’t move seats.

That’s when Garrick, a flight attendant, stepped in to help.

Photo: Facebook/Erika Jeorgean Swart

“Throughout the flight he tried making her laugh and brought her special drinks,” Gabby’s mom explained on Southwest Airline’s Facebook page.

The airplane experienced a rough patch of turbulence, and Gabby began having a full-blown panic attack. Her mother worried about the effects this could have on her daughter’s blood sugar levels.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Dylan Ashe

“He got up from his seat to get her an orange juice and came right back to sit with her,” Gabby’s mom explained.

“She asked if she could continue to hold his arm while the plane was landing. He, of course, agreed.”

Photo: Facebook/Bryan Swart

At the end of the flight, Garrick announced over the intercom that his new little friend had overcome her fear of flying and asked for a round of applause.

The entire plane clapped for her!

Photo: Facebook/Bryan Swart

It’s always so wonderful to hear stories of employees going above and beyond their duties to help someone in need.

We’re sure next time Gabby boards a flight, she’ll remember how brave she could be thanks to her friend Garrick.

Do you have a story of an employee going out of their way to help you or your family? Tell us about it in the comments, and don’t forget to SHARE this sweet story with your friends!

This story originally appeared at LittleThings.

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