5 Ways Successful People Make Their Own Luck

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When asked about the secret behind their accomplishments, successful people often say “I just got lucky.” That answer might sound like a cop out, but it can be more useful than you think! Real luck isn’t about rolling the dice; it’s about hopping in the driver’s seat and being receptive to the opportunities life brings.

Irish or not, here are 5 powerful things you can do to bring more luck into your life!

Keep your eyes open.

Too often we remain blind to opportunities by staying too focused on one path. Focus is great, but tunnel vision may prevent you from recognizing good fortune when it comes knocking. Train yourself to be on the look out for the next opportunity and be willing to push your comfort zone. So embrace unexpected outcomes. They might just bring you better results in the long run!

Be resilient.

Failures are inevitable, no matter your pursuit. The trick is to wade through them and recognize the lessons they teach without getting derailed. Rather than give in to self doubt when things don’t go as planned, shift your focus to the skills you’re gaining in the process of putting out the fires. Life can’t hand you a negative moment without a positive lesson hidden inside. But it’s up to you to see the silver lining.


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Plan for success.

Successful people think of themselves as winners long before they reach their goals. Imagine what success will look like for you, and work backward to figure out how to get there. Your plans will likely change along the way, but you have zero chance of achieving your dreams if you don’t dream them in the first place! Conduct yourself as if you’ve already landed your dream job or won the big race, and soon enough, you will.

Listen to your gut.

Intuition may seen like nothing more than a mysterious inner voice, but research is finding that it’s actually a powerful form of unconscious reasoning. “The gut” is keyed into aspects of the world that are off-limits to the rational mind and has the power to tell the rational mind where to look for answers. It’s only once we leave the security of our comfort zone and explore the wilderness of our intuition that we open the door for big-time achievement. So listen to that hunch!

Go out on a limb.

Lucky folks tend to be those that take more risks, ask more questions and make the first move. Instead of telling themselves “There’s no chance,” they tell themselves, “That looks cool. Maybe I should give it a try.” As the great Wayne Gretsky said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Best of all, it’s a positive feedback loop: Good outcomes increase your confidence and fuel your appetite to push the boundaries.

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