Move Over Nick Jonas, There’s A New Voice Singing For Diabetes!

Here’s why you should care about MTV’s Teen MomIt’s a documentary television series that creates a vehicle for the stories of young parents to be heard and the show’s third season featured a girl with type 1 diabetes, Mackenzie McKee. What she’s up to now, though, will have you scratching your head and tapping your feet… probably at the same time!

Mackenzie has labile diabetes, also known as brittle diabetes, which is characterized by dramatic swings in glucose levels. During her pregnancies, her symptoms worsened. But she is also very health-oriented (you can even see her doing push-ups with her newborn daughter, Jaxie, in the video). Health is extremely important to her and she is steadily becoming a representative for those with diabetes in her generation.

Great life of a brittle diabetic… thanks for your prayers

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In her spare time, Mackenzie decided to do something to raise money for diabetes!

While it’s likely that “The Sweetest Treat” is not going to top the charts, the idea behind it is very thoughtful. Mackenzie recorded this song to raise awareness and to teach children about diabetes. It’s wonderful that a reality TV star is doing something to raise awareness for diabetes. And, although the song is a bit strange (being a rap for children and all), she says that a portion of the money she makes on iTunes will go towards diabetes research!

But song downloads aren’t the only way to raise money for diabetes!

A donation as little as $1 can make a huge difference. If Mackenzie McKee can teach us anything, it’s important that we keep fighting for diabetes, no matter how the struggle gets. is constantly raising money for different diabetes-related charities and with 25.8 million people in the United States living with diabetes, it’s important that we support the the community in whatever way we can!

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