After Girl Scout Lost Her Aunt to Diabetes, She Started This Project to Help Newly Diagnosed Kids

Makayla Kinard understands how devastating diabetes can be. In 2013, she lost her 26-year-old aunt and godmother to diabetes-related complications. Makayla had always wanted to raise money for charity and help others, but after losing her aunt, she knew exactly what cause was most important to her.

She spent years creating 60 thoughtful diabetes care packages for children receiving a type 1 diabetes diagnosis at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes in Aurora, Colorado. Each package comes in a colorful drawstring bag and contains gifts both practical and fun.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver
Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver

Makayla hopes that the care packages will encourage children when they’re first faced with a diabetes diagnosis. “Even though they’re going through this hard time, it’s not going to be as difficult as they think it is,” she told CBS News.

Makayla worked with staff to work out the details of her care packages. Each bag is designed for a boy or girl in a certain age range so that children receiving the bags will receive age-appropriate gifts. They contain fun items like toys and coloring books, and useful items like themed Band-Aids and alcohol swabs.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver
Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver

Makayla says that she learned what supplies the children will need by watching her aunt. Each bag also contains a handmade bracelet that Makayla hopes will be a special way for kids to display their medical ID tags.

The project will help Makayla earn her Silver Award for Girl Scouts, but making the bags was also very personal. She wanted to work with the Barbara Davis Center because her aunt was treated there.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver
Photo: YouTube/CBS Denver

Makayla and her family have also started a nonprofit, One Monkey’s Miracle, that will hold virtual races to raise money to help people with diabetes afford their supplies.

Way to go, Makayla!

See Makayla in action below!

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