Reddit Users Back Up Host with GERD Whose Party Was Spoiled by a Friend Who’s Obsessed with Garlic

“The whole point of a dinner party is to partake in a meal while enjoying the company of others,” explains Jodi R. R. Smith, president of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting. “There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into planning a party (along with cleaning, shopping, arranging, cooking, and more cleaning). A gracious guest assists in making the interaction pleasant for all involved.”

If every guest bears these words in mind, everyone will surely have a good time at dinner parties. Imagine just how much joy and relief we can impart to a host whose graciousness and efforts we sincerely appreciate.

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But this guest who is obsessed with garlic has clearly missed a lot of things, from knowledge of dinner party etiquette to showing respect and sensitivity towards others.

Under the account name u/ProfessionHour6393, OP shared this story about this garlic-gobbling guest on the Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole to find out who between them was really unreasonable.

“With the weather being so nice, I decided it’d be nice to have a fun little dinner party. I invited everyone and their SOs if they had them,” related OP. “One of the SOs is Rick. I have always gotten along with him just fine, but he is one of those guys who tries to make the most bizarre things into his entire personality. The biggest one is that he’s a ‘huge garlic guy.’ He’s one of those guys who makes a huge deal out of how he uses 400 cloves of garlic in a dish.”

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OP mentioned in the post about having gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition that is characterized by stomach acid persistently flowing back up into the mouth through the esophagus, according to Cleveland Clinic. GERD sufferers may experience acid indigestion, difficulty in swallowing, a feeling of food caught in the throat, heartburn, and other troubles.

GERD can be triggered by several factors, including certain types of food. In OP’s case, garlic and alcohol are common triggers.

And so OP prepared various dishes for the party without garlic, but all were lavishly mixed with other herbs and spices for added flavors. Alcoholic beverages were also served, but the host had just one bottle of flattened hard seltzer, which their body could tolerate.

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As friends complimented the host regarding the food, Rick jumped in to ask how much garlic was put in them, since to him the dishes were missing something. After answering that no garlic was added to the dishes, Rick scoffed at OP and made a further issue of their drinking alcohol. OP explained about being a GERD sufferer and choosing to drink only flattened hard seltzer. Rick’s girlfriend, OP’s real friend, tried to stop him, but the garlic-obsessed guest just became even more insulting.

Four weeks later, it was still an issue for Rick, who would bring it up when they were gathered together, claiming “it was a douchey/selfish hosting move to drink the alcohol but not cook with the garlic, because garlic goes in everything.”

Now, OP is asking the opinion of fellow Reddit users to find out the truth: “I’m curious and thought this would be a fun low-stakes question for you all. Am I the a–hole?”

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The overwhelming response? OP is NTA!

There’s no reasonable person in the world who would willingly invite a bizarre creature like Rick to their dinner party! OP had the misfortune of having to entertain him as a guest because he happens to be the significant other of a friend.

One Reddit user was appalled by the incident, saying, “Jesus, your party, your rules. I mean, I love garlic, but if I’m INVITED somewhere, I am not going to criticize the host’s cooking, and loudly and continuously at that. And there are plenty of good dishes that DON’T use garlic. He’s calling YOU douchey? NTA, but Rick sure is.”

This was supported by another commenter: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Weren’t we all taught this as children?”

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“NTA, I pity your friend that dates such an A–hat. She is in for a lot of misery at some point caused by him,” added by another AITA community member. “I have been cooking for almost 60 years and make many dishes without garlic, and my homemade Mojo uses 5 heads of garlic. It is not a spice/flavor that belongs in everything.”

Meanwhile, somebody else who has culinary knowledge stated, “Garlic also isn’t one of ‘the most basic ingredients’ in most meals. Yes it’s a common ingredient, but it’s not a basic ingredient. The basic ingredients to every dish is salt and pepper, that’s it. Everything else is just extra and based on preferences. His insistence on the garlic thing is REALLY weird. My grandparents lived in Gilroy (‘The Garlic Capital of the World’) for decades, and they only talked about garlic once in a blue moon.”

Have you met a dinner guest who’s just like Rick in this story?

In case you’re curious, this video will give you more information about dinner party etiquette to help you make good future decisions.

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