I Couldn’t Stop Smiling After I Saw This Video! This Mother-Son Dance Is Epic!

One of the most fun things to witness at a wedding is a fun mother-son dance. Not the kind where the pair dances as though they’re awkward pre-teens being forced to learn ballroom dancing in gym class, though. Awkwardness is not what the guests want to witness at any wedding, especially between two people who share such a special bond as a mother and a son.

It’s the absolute best when a mother and son combine their personalities and senses of humor to create a dance that gets everyone to circle the dance floor and start clapping along.

Lucky for the people at this wedding (and our readers), the customary mother-son dance got a little unconventional at this exciting reception.

You’re in for a treat this time around, and you didn’t have to attend any of the boring parts of the wedding to get here!

From Michael Jackson to Madonna, this groom and his mom have got some serious swagger up their sleeves. See how their guests react in the video below!

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