What Do Kids Think About Their Moms? Get the Tissues Ready.

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Often it’s easier to zero in on our shortcomings than it is to recognize our successes, especially when it comes to parenting. We are all our own worst critics, always capable of coming up with something we’re doing wrong and rarely able to see all the things we’re doing right.

But what do the people who matter most think? What do our children think about us and what we’re doing?

A church in North Carolina wanted to conduct an experiment to compare what kids and moms have to say when asked to describe their parenting.

The responses are touching, to say the least. You won’t believe the wonderful and creative things these kids said about their moms. And the way their mothers react to their loving words will melt your heart. Oh, how good it feels to get sincere praise from someone so important in your life!

See how these moms react when they hear what their children had to say about them. And make sure you have those tissues nearby, because you’re probably going to need them!

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