6 New Devices People with Diabetes Should Get Excited About

Finally! There are some major technological breakthroughs in diabetes management on the horizon.

Diabetes treatment and care has historically been inconvenient at best, and at worst, downright painful. Not only does the disease require a ton of burdensome equipment, most times you feel like a human pincushion. However, people with diabetes are finally getting a little technological love with some devices that could make controlling the disease a little easier.

Here’s some of the awesome new gear you can look forward to seeing in the future!

6. Alcon Smart Contacts

Google is partnering with eyewear company Alcon to create the smart contact lens. The lens contains a microchip that will allow glucose levels to be monitored through tear fluid in the eye. The information retrieved through the lens will be sent to the wearer’s electronic device, eliminating the need for bulky equipment.

Hand holding - zoomed in

5. Temporary Tattoo

The temporary tattoo offers continuous glucose monitoring through a sensor path. Nanoengineers at UCSD developed the sensor, which reads glucose levels in the fluid between skin cells. While the readout is not currently available to allow the wearer to track their levels themselves, it is being developed.

One of the most exciting things about this project is the fact that researchers are also looking for ways to make the tattoo last longer and be more cost-effective for users.


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