Singer, Actor, and Diabetes Advocate Nick Jonas Has Been On A Roll — Just Take a Look at the Physical Transformation!

Nick Jonas is no stranger to the spotlight. But it isn’t the fact that his star is rising once more that should have our attention; it’s how he has done so.

Take, for instance, the following video, where Nick sits down with a fellow Type 1 on a 2011 episode of The Doctors. Jonas takes some time to allow his 13-year-old fan, Rachel, to ask him some questions about what his experiences with the condition. Despite being nervous about meeting her idol, she asks some terrific, and well educated questions about what it was like to be diagnosed, the difficulties he faces when trying to manage his career and his diabetes simultaneously, and what inspired him to be a role model for others.

Take a look at the video, and keep scrolling down to check out Jonas’ crazy physical transformation!

Now, fast forward three years. Nick, still a diabetes advocate, is now a very successful solo artist. And, even more recently, he plays a critical role in the new, and physically demanding, show Kingdom, which goes to show you that you and your body can still transform for the better, despite your disease.

Check out this trailer for Kingdom, and be sure to spot Nick after the ten-second mark!

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