This New Device Hack Could Be a Diabetes Game-Changer!

Managing diabetes can be complicated. And the equipment that it takes to manage it can be bulky and a pain to cart around. But, unfortunately, it’s also a necessity. Luckily, people are constantly developing ways to make treatment easier until a cure is found.

The Nightscout Project was created as a high-tech method for remotely monitoring glucose levels for people with type 1 diabetes on a smart phone or watch. But it’s not something that you’ll find in stores.

In fact, it’s a parent-made hack of a more antiquated technology. It’s based off a product called Dexcom G4 Platinum — which only works within a twenty-foot radius.

With Nightscout, parents are able to extend that tether, without sacrificing their own peace of mind.

However, the product is not yet FDA approved, and the administration warns that such a product might result in parents relying too heavily on technology that hasn’t been fully and rigorously tested. For now though, Nightscout users seem to enjoy its use as an additional safety net, on top of traditional methods of blood-glucose observation.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of this game-changing technology.

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