You’ve Sent Them, And We’ve Been Inspired: 9 Stories of YOURS That Have Touched Our Hearts

It takes a lot to share your story, to invite us all into your home and speak of your struggles, as well as your successes. But we want you to know how inspiring it continues to be. We love hearing your stories, and we’d love to share them with the rest of the world.

That’s what this list is about: you. It was difficult, but we’ve chosen nine stories of yours that have truly inspired us.

We hope you enjoy those that have been selected and, please, we urge you to keep submitting your stories. You can do so here: SUBMIT YOUR STORY.

Daddy Can’t Fix His Little Girl

May 2003: Kelsey was just 16 months old and teething, or at least we thought so. Not eating, just drinking and peeing a lot. Her symptoms just progressed down hill over the course of the weekend and finally we took her to the pediatrician doctor. He ordered blood work and chest x-ray STAT. He sent us home and said he will call us as soon as he gets the results. We were just walking in the door at home and the doctor called… He said, and I will never forget these words, “I called the hospital, they are waiting for Kelsey… get in the car now. Don’t call and wait for an ambulance, just go.”

On the way there Kelsey passed out and my wife jumped in the back to keep her awake with no luck. When we got to the Hospital the medical team came from all over to her aid. Entering KDA made for a very long 2 hours getting an IV in her. Two weeks in ICU, two more weeks ’til she was able to come home after Mom and Dad underwent training to take care of a diabetic.

Now 12, Kelsey is an insulin pumper and doing great. Yes, she has her days, wanting to just “fit in” with her friends. Her blood sugar average six years ago was about 280. Now it’s 135!! Kelsey has been very open to voicing her experience with being a diabetic. She recently fundraised for diabetes research and became a Youth Ambassador in the process. Now helping other kids to take care of themselves and educating parents with diabetic kids in school is her mission. Nothing stops Kelsey, bike riding, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, cheerleading to name a few. Daddy so desperately wants a cure… He can’t fix his little girl on his own.

Gene P
Hackettstown, NJ


“I’m not diabetic”

I was 41 years old and starting a new part-time job. As part of employee health, they ran routine blood work and when I went back to talk to the nurse, she asked me how long I had been diabetic. I told her in no uncertain terms, “I’m not diabetic!” I told her she had the wrong chart…it wasn’t me! Turns out she didn’t…and I was. My sugar was over 400 and I went to my doctor the next week. On August 3, 2001, I was officially diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic (I am now a 1.5).

I lost a lot of weight in the beginning. Was so afraid to eat anything. After a while, I got the hang of things and found my own routine. In the beginning, did pretty good managing with the medicine. After several years, the pills weren’t working any more. On July 2, 2011, after much debate, I started insulin shots. The roller coaster of highs and lows was awful. I felt so bad so often so I was willing for the insulin. I felt like such a failure. I had tried so hard to keep it under control and couldn’t. I found a fabulous doctor who assured me I wasn’t a failure and helped me through. It’s all good now and I’m on it every day! I stick my finger and take my shots diligently. I am never without my meter or my insulin. I am compliant. I have such wonderful support from my children and family and friends. I am so blessed with their understanding and love. I educate anyone who will listen. Others may not “see” diabetes, but I sure can feel it!

This is a picture of my dog, Dolly, and me as we walked in my local ADA fundraiser walk last year. I made her bandana! We will walk again this year. I’m looking forward to the cure…but until then, I have it, for it certainly doesn’t have me!

Cindy Fullerton
Spartanburg, SC


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