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Proving Everyone Wrong

Summer 2012, I was living on the island of Trinidad (Caribbean) – blogging (Learning Patience on FB), running and loving life. One day, I jumped in a pool and I accidentally sat on my right foot, big toe touching heel on the bottom of the pool. An aircast was slapped on for the next 8 weeks. While visiting my parents in the US, I was given the go ahead to finally start running again. I was happy but I felt horrible. My eyes were bone dry and I had severe heartburn. I just knew something was wrong. My family teased me for going to the ER the next morning. The nurse told me I had jetlag and to go home, but I refused. Minutes later, she returned saying she’d made a mistake. I had Type 2 diabetes. My BS was 945. She gave me Metformin, told me to eat better and sent me home.

At 5’9, 130lbs and a vegetarian my whole life, I couldn’t understand how I got Type 2. I took the meds and the next morning went running at 5am. On my third step, I collapsed and I couldn’t breathe. My dad found me, called the pharmacy and was told I was given the wrong medicine. I wasn’t a T2, I was a T1 and the Metformin was killing me. I made it to the ER, barely. Turns out, I should’ve never been released and now I was minutes from slipping into a coma. Every organ in my body was failing and my ketones were at 99. Seven days later, I was released with an A1C of 13.5. Three months later, my A1C was down to 6 and I was running again! Unfortunately, foot surgery was needed and 12 pieces of titanium later I was side-lined for 4 months and was told I would never run again. Seven months post cast, in Oct 2013, I finished my comeback half marathon with a PB time of 1:58. This week marked my 2 year diagnosis anniversary and I’m running faster than EVER before…

I REFUSE to let this horrible disease get in my way!

Corey melke Hinz
London, United Kingdom


Many Faces of Diabetes

My name is Lucy, and I am one of the many faces of diabetes.

Although many people may think of diabetes as only a human condition, animals can be diabetic too. The symptoms of diabetes in animals are much the same as for people. I was diagnosed 10 months ago. My people first noticed that I was losing weight and not eating well. I’m very old, about the same in age and mobility as a person over 80 years, so my people thought it was attributed to age. Then they saw that I was drinking a lot of water, and they knew it was more than just age. They took me to the doctor for tests, and with BG levels over 500, that confirmed I am diabetic.

Learning to manage my diabetes has not been easy, but we are all working on it. We take it slow, finding the correct daily dose of insulin, making adjustments as needed.

This may surprise you, but most cats manage better with the same kind of insulin that people use. Because we metabolize insulin quickly, so we need something long lasting and slow acting. I’m treated with insulin Glargine (Lantus). I don’t enjoy my twice daily injections, but I wouldn’t be here today without insulin. I also don’t like having my ears stuck to take my BG levels. If I ate more wet food, less carbs, I might not need insulin, but at my age, I am reluctant to change my ways. However, we are all on a better diet now, to ensure the other cats here don’t get diabetes too.

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Diabetes affects everyone in our families, people and pets. With proper diet, feline diabetes can be prevented, and fewer kitties like me will be one of the faces of diabetes!

Oklahoma City, OK

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