Are You Eating the Right Vegetables for Your Diabetes?

We’ve heard it for as long as we can remember: “you’ve gotta eat your vegetables.” And let’s face it, if you have diabetes, you’ve probably heard it more than most. You likely have a team of health care professionals (and maybe even some friends and family members who don’t quite no their role in your diabetes management), that vegetables are essential to a healthy, well balanced diet. And well, while some of those people (we’re talking to you strangers who like to insert themselves into our diet plans) need to learn to set some boundaries, your doctors are right.

Fresh vegetables are vital to any balanced diet, which is what people with diabetes should strive for. Not miracle diets that claim to “hold the cure,” but simply the same well balanced diet that everyone should follow. And that includes a lot of veggies. According to the American Diabetes Association, at each meal 50% of your plate should be made up of non-starchy vegetables.

That’s right. They need to be non-starchy vegetables. So, what does that include? Take a look at the video below for some great examples of delicious and nutritious non-starchy vegetables that are full of the vitamins and minerals you need!


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